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Construction Process

At Canebrake Builders, we ensure your home is built right and according to our highest standards.

Phase I – Homeowner and Site Manager Meet

At this meeting you will meet the Site Manager to go over some specifics, such as stake out the placement of your home. This is a great time to meet and get comfortable with one another, layout expectations, and profile you with a format for asking questions and getting timely answers.

Phase 2 – Foundation Formed

Arrangements will be made for your foundation to be formed/poured.  The site will be graded, and forms for the foundation set in accordance with the approved plot plan.  A local code official will inspect prior to crews starting the foundation pour.  Plumbing and the foundation make up are installed. The foundation is poured and after it has cured the concrete forms will be stripped.

Phase 3 – Material Package to Site

Your Site Manager will order/schedule a lumber and window drop date.  Additionally, he will enlist and schedule the mobilization of sub-contractor and supplier partners.

Phase 4 – Framing

Floor systems, exterior and interior walls, and the roof truss system will be completed during this phase.  OSB sheathing is applied to the exterior walls and roof.  Windows and exterior doors are installed.  The sheathing is then covered with a protective barrier know as Tyvek house wrap, which prevents water from infiltrating the structure while allowing water vapor to escape.

Phase 5 – Rough Plumbing, Electrical, and Heating Installation

The Site Manage will arrange the siding and roof installation.  In addition, a crew of professionals will begin the rough-in phase of plumbing, electrical, and AC/heating systems.  An official inspection will occur at this time.

Phase 6 – Install Insulation and Drywall

The Site Manager will arrange for wall insulation and caulk and seal. This is a critical step in creating a more comfortable, consistent indoor cline while improving the overall energy-efficiency of you “Energy Smart” home.

Drywall will be stocked on site.

Phase 7 – Drywall Tape and Texture

The Site Manager will arrange a crew to hang, tape, prime and texture the interior of your home.

Phase 8 – Paint and Cabinet Install

Interior painting will done.  Cabinets and Underlayment will installed.  Countertops and all hard surfaces such as hardwood and ceramics will be installed at this time.

Phase 9 – Interior Doors and Trim

All interior doors and trim will be installed over the hard surfaces during this phase.

Phase 10 – Plumbing,  Finish Trim and Hard Surfaces

All light fixtures, outlets and switches will be installed.  Additionally, sinks, toilets, and faucets will be installed.

Mirrors, towel bars, and closet shelving installed.  Any steps, decks or final grading takes place during this phase as well.

Phase 11 – Carpet/Soft Surfaces

At this time, pad and carpet selections will be installed

Phase 12 – Final Building Inspection

The Site Manager will arrange for the local building code official to complete a final inspection for the Certificate of Occupancy

Phase 13 – Quality Inspection & Orientation with the Homeowner

A walk thru of the new home will occur and any questions you have will be answered by the Site Manager.  Should any concerns arise during the walk-thru, your Site Manager will document and have one of the partner team members make any needed adjustment.  We appreciate your second set of eyes!

By the time your home is completed, every desire is catered to and every concern is addressed.